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The “Must’s” for All Players:


  • Registered and assigned a team prior to any tournament effort
  • Appear on a valid regular season roster to be covered by insurance for the tournament
  • Appear in a minimum of 60% of scheduled games

Note: Any player that does not meet this requirement is not eligible to participate on the tournament team.

  • Commit to the practice and game schedule as outlined by the team manager for the entire length of the tournament.

Note: If the player and/or parent can not commit, than that player should immediately notify the Team Manager. That player MAY be passed over and another player replace her, chosen by the manager from the final ballot list, before the official team announcements are made and/or rosters submitted to LL.


The “Must’s” for the League:


  • Complete the registration process
  • Determine tournament team Managers based on a vote of the rostered coaches by May 23, 2021.
  • Decide when tournament teams will be created and how many players will be on each team.
  • Explain to all what the expected commitment will be for the players and parents selected.
  • The VP/Team Managers will contact players on the final ballot ahead of time to determine availability.

Note: If a parent determines that a nominated player cannot fulfill the commitment, a written communication will need to be sent to the Player Agent and Division VP.

  • Tournament Rosters and Managers will be presented to the BOD for approval no later than May 24, 2021.
  • Each team must have scheduled and played at least 12 games by the completion of the District 2021 May Madness Tournament for the players on that team to be eligible to be rostered on the Tournament Team.


Tournament Team Selection:

The tournament team selection process will be made by vote of all the rostered Managers and Coaches of the Division being selected

  • Rookies Managers and Coaches will select the 7s and 8s to participate on the 8U Tournament Team

Note: Minor Manager and Coaches will vote IF 5 or more 8yr olds are playing in Minors

  • Minors coaches will select the 9s & 10s to participate on the 10U Tournament Team

Note: Major Coaches will vote IF 5 or more 10yr olds are playing in Majors

  • Majors Managers and Coaches select the 11s & 12s to participate on the 11U and 12U Tournament Team
  • Juniors Managers and Coaches select the 12s, 13s & 14s to participate on the 14U Tournament Team.

Note: SRS or BIGS coaches will vote also if 5 or more 14’s play up in SRS or BIGS

  • Seniors Managers and Coaches select the 14s, 15s & 16s to participate on the 16U Tournament Team.


Player Selection Process:

  • All Managers and Coaches will observe all players from all teams throughout the season. This is accomplished via games played and/or watched.
  • The player must have played in at least 60% of the Division’s games. For example
    • 12-game season = 7 games
    • 13-game season = 8 games
    • 14-game season = 8 games
    • 15-games season = 9 games

·       Nominations will be collected from the following:

    • Managers & Coaches rostered as of May 22, 2021
    • Players in the Division rostered as of May 22, 2021

·       By May 21, 2021, the VP will provide a list to the Players Agent of all eligible players to be considered for Tournament Team. 

    • There is no limitation as to the number of players nominated

·       By May 23, 2021, the Division VP will develop a Final ballot for each Division Tournament Team. The ballot will be constructed from the list of players from each Team who are most likely to meet eligibility play requirements. 

·       By May 23, 2021, rostered Managers and Coaches will vote on the first 9 players to be on each respective Tournament team roster.   

            Note: The remaining slots will be determined by the Tournament Team Manager from the       remaining names on the ballot.

    • Each Manager & Coach must cast 9 votes for 9 different players.
    • The designated vote counter may not have a child who is on the nomination list.
    • The Players who do not receive sufficient votes to make the team via this voting process will be listed in order of the votes received and retained for possible inclusion on the Tournament Team, if one of the original players does not accept her position.

            Note: The Manager is not required to pick up a player in the specific order when      adding players.

    • Alternates will be determined based on the number of votes received. However, these players WILL NOT be notified that they are alternates unless the team needs to replace an original player.

·       Tournament Team Players MAY be notified of their selection to the team on May 24, 2021, with the exception of 8U, which is a non-sanctioned tournament and guidance will be provided by the District. This notification will be provided by the Tournament Team Managers to the players.


Manager/Coach Selection Process:

·       Those interested in being considered for Tournament Manager or Coach:

o   Must have been a rostered Manager or Coach for Softball

o   Submit the request directly to the Softball VP(s) by May 20, 2020.

o   Managers will be voted on by the Division Managers and Coaches and confirmed at the May BOD meeting via email.

o   Rules for a tie in the voting process will be determined by the Division VP and announced prior to voting.

            Note: Majors coaches will vote for 10U Manager IF there are 5 or more 10 year   olds playing in the Majors. SRS or BIGS coaches will vote for 14U manager if 5        or more 14 year olds played up.


Tournament Team Ballot:

A separate ballot will be created for each Tournament Team

o   Seniors, if applicable

o   Juniors, if applicable

o   Majors

1.     The first ballot will be comprised of 12-yr old players and any 11-yr old

Players that a manager/coach/player feels should be considered.

2.     The next ballot will be comprised of 11-yr old players. If an 11-yr old player

is considered for the 12-yr old team but doesn’t make it, she will automatically go on the nomination list for the 11-yr old team, if an 11U team is participating.

o   Minors

1.     The ballot will be comprised of 10-yr old players and any 9-yr old players

that a manager/coach/player feels should be considered.

o   Rookies

1.     The ballot will be comprised of 8-yr old players and any 7-yr old players

that a manager/coach/player feels should be considered.



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